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Enigma Rose
06 June 2008 @ 08:56 am
Hubby came home from work last night and was complaining a little about the heat. Don't blame him it was muggy and warm. He said he wanted a thunderstorm. He got 2!!

We had 2 huge thunderstorms roll in and they both were equally amazing, chain lightning, loud crashing thunder and rain. The chain lightning was my favorite I think. The colors of it were vibrant and bright, white, pink, a little bit of red. One flash after another, followed by deep rumbling, crashing thunder.  At times it was so crashing hard a couple car alarms went off, lol.

The first one rolled in about 1am. I woke to the chain lightning (I haven't seen chain lightning since I lived in Florida in '99). Everything was still. There was no outside noise from cars driving, no noisy neighbors, just silence. I laid in bed watching the lightning, listening to the rain and thunder. Part of me was waiting to see if TJ would wake up, but he slept through both storms, the lil trooper.

As I was listening to the storms last night, it was like inspiration striking over and over again. I was half tempted to jump up and start creating something, anything. Ideas started filling my head with each flash of lightning and rumble of thunder. It was truly amazing!!

So with fresh creative inspiration sparking in my head, let's see what I come up with today!!
Current Mood: creativecreative
Enigma Rose
Where do you get inspiration for your arts and crafts?
 Inspiration comes in all forms. If one is open to anything and everything, inspiration hits home. To me it comes from the world around me and my interaction with it.
Enigma Rose
04 January 2007 @ 05:01 pm
Why does everything seem to happen all at the same friggen time!?  First the fuel pump goes on the car right before the holidays and right in the middle of TJ having the stomach bug. And now it's in a parking lot because it ran out of gas because someone, who shall remain nameless, forgot to leave me money for gas because he thought there was enough in the tank.  Or at least that's what I am hoping the problem is with the car cause we can't afford anything else to go wrong with it. 

Today started out as a good day. I ran over to a friend's to babysit and then we went out to lunch afterwards.  And then coming into town had to go through an insurance checkpoint (first time in a loooooooong time I had seen any sort of cops west of the Three Rivers Bridge, so I guess that would make for a pretty good spot to do a checkpoint). And that's about the point the car started to spit and sputter.

Lucky for me, it decided to stall after we had gotten into town (it's in the parking lot of the old gas station that is no longer there) and TJ and I only had to walk about half a mile to get home.  He got it easy, I carried him most the way.  But now one of my heels is shredded because I'm still trying to break in sneakers that I had gotten a few months ago (each time I do any significant amount of walking in them, my heel gets shredded or ends up with a huge blister).  And another good thing is that it's just about 50 out and it was sunny and no snow or rain on the way home too which made for a double blessing really.

So to end this on a positive note...Thanks Z for getting us a year subscription to World of Warcraft because I so was in the need of killing some trolls and such when I got home.  And we are totally addicted to it, hubby too!!
Enigma Rose
30 November 2006 @ 11:37 am
I got this in my email the other day and thought it would be worth posting here for everyone.

I urge people to take the time and read this article and actually sign the petition. Insurance companies are trying to cut the required hospital stay for patients who have had a mastectomy to an outpatient procedure. There is a bill in congress called the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act which will require insurance companies to cover a minimum 48-hour stay for these patients. This will eliminate "drive-through mastectomies".

This is legite, it can be found at Lifetime Television

Please take the time to read and sign. This is dear to me because I had a friend who had breast cancer and later passed away. So please, take the time and pass this on.
Enigma Rose
24 September 2006 @ 09:24 am
The innocent victims of Internet child abuse cannot speak for themselves.

But you can.

With your help, we can eradicate this evil trade.

We do not need your money.

We need you to light a candle of support <http://www.lightamillioncandles.com>.

We're aiming to light at least One Million Candles by December 31, 2006.

This petition will be used to encourage governments, politicians, financial institutions, payment organisations, Internet service providers, technology companies and law enforcement agencies to eradicate the commercial viability of online child abuse.

They have the power to work together. You have the power to get them to take action.

Please light your candle at lightamillioncandles.com <http://www.lightamillioncandles.com> or send an email of support to light@lightamillioncandles.com.

Together, we can destroy the commercial viability of Internet child abuse sites that are destroying the lives of innocent children.

Kindly forward this email to your friends, relatives and work colleagues so that they can light a candle too.
Enigma Rose
25 November 2005 @ 04:52 pm
You are a Earth Queen. You will have a calm
kingdom. Wisdom, Respect and Pureness are very

What kind of Queen are you? ( With BEAUTIFULL pictures)
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Enigma Rose
Healing Witch
You are the Healing Witch! You offer unfailing
support and guidance to others nurturing them
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Which witch are you?
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Enigma Rose
28 April 2005 @ 09:32 am
YAHOO!! Last night was awesome! Tyr slept for 2 hours in his crib! Mind you he has been sleeping with us and he usually wakes straight up if you even TRY to put him in his crib to slep. But last night Chris gave Tyr his 8 oclock bottle after his bath and as soon as he went to burb Tyr, he fell asleep on Chris' shoulder. Well Chris was going to put him in his swing till we went to bed but I figured hey, he was already asleep might as well try his crib.

YAY!! We were totally stoked that he slept a whole 2 hours instead of 5 minutes like before. It was awesome. Hopefully with a little bit of luck, he will sleep longer and longer and then totally be in his crib.

Of course our bed felt a bit empty without the baby inspite of 2 out of 3 cats in bed with us. Even Chris said the bed felt a bit empty without Tyr beside us. But that's ok. He's only in the next room, literally a hop skip and a jump away.

Anywhoos...time to change my present that Tyr so nicely left for me in his diaper before he falls asleep for his morning nap.

Enigma Rose
04 March 2005 @ 07:07 pm
Internet issues are now resolved. Not really thrilled with Alltel right now, but what else is new?!

I can honestly say that I am loving being a mommy. It makes it even better when Tyr is such a good baby. Heck the only time he fusses right now is when he wants a bottle, needs to be changed, or wants to be held which I am more than willing to do.

No matter how bad your day may be, he definately makes it a much better day. You know you are hooked on him when you are happy and thrilled that you hear him cooing after being in his crib in the morning and you being up for an hour already.

Yes I am addicted. Chris is too. I think his favorite part is curling up with him for naps and in the morning on the weekends when they can sleep in together.

Anywhoos...he's starting to stir in his swing.

Current Mood: calmcalm
Enigma Rose
06 February 2005 @ 08:15 am
It was nice to visit with friends who I haven't seen in a while yesterday afternoon. And we were given plenty once again for the baby. I have hooded towels now!! Woo!! Who'd a thought you'd get excited over hooded towels?!

::giggles:: Tabby kisses on my nose!!

And I found out last night my friend Tina is coming out for a visit with the kids. Yippy!! Of course she said that today would be a good day for the baby because she would already be out here. We'll see...

Everyone wants the baby to be here already and Chris wants him to go full term. Talk about giving your kid mixed signals.
Current Mood: excitedexcited